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The people behind Wiseword’s guarantee of quality, speed and friendly service 
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"The tone of voice in the text is very important for us"
When we were reminded to take care of the tone of voice,  we had goosebumps!  It's because we've found someone who truly understands communication.  

There's nothing better than working with like-minded persons that share the same standard and core values.

Wiseword is a multi-cultural communications team that comprises of copywriters, conference interpreters, and translators.  

Thanks to our first-hand experience in working with advertising agencies, public relations firms, and front-line sales managers who heavily interact with consumers, we are constantly asked to produce a copy that clicks and converts.   And this becomes the principle of handling your work.  It's not about words, but communication.  We care about your success.   

On copywriting, we’re passionate about neuroscience-based communication, because words can trigger emotion, have an impact on one’s action and behaviour.    No matter whether it is a reminder letter, a brochure, a web copy, or a lover letter, you want your reader to take action, right?  It is especially true to the copy that are used in the digital world.  Everything can be tracked and measured. 

At Wiseword, we cherish automony, accountability and, above and beyond.  These make up the driving force that movitates us to serve our clients in a way that goes beyond what are listed in the project requirements.  
Going the extra miles, giving sound advices are something we love doing.  With a mother heart, we want to help our clients avoid traps and make sure they get the results they desire. 

What we do makes a difference for our clients, and for their clients, and that’s important.

what we do
We’re a Hong Kong-based multi-lingual communications agency serving marketers, compliance specialists, SaaS, executives coaches, and medical professionals. 
Talk to us about:
ghost writing for your LinkedIn posts and columns in periodicals; copywriting for company brochures, websites, and newsletters
Professionally known as interpretation, our spoken translation service can be conducted remotedly at a cloud-based platform, or in a physical meeting, or even in a hybrid setting
We offer accurate and culturally sensitve translation for:
- marketing collateral
- legal documents
- software localisation
- patient education 
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