Much More Than Just Checking A Dictionary…
Accurate and culturally sensitive communication in a multi-culutural envrinoment involves much more than just checking a dictionary and changing words from one language into another.

That’s where Wiseword can help.
We’re a Hong Kong-based multilingual communication agency serving individuals, organisations, governments and corporate clients around the world. 


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what we do
We’re a Hong Kong-based multi-lingual communications agency serving marketers, compliance specialists, SaaS, executives coaches, and medical professionals. 
content writing
Talk to us about:
ghost writing for your LinkedIn posts and columns in periodicals; copywriting for company brochures, websites, and newsletters
spoken translation
Professionally known as interpretation, our spoken translation service can be conducted remotedly at a cloud-based platform, or in a physical meeting, or even in a hybrid setting
written translation
We offer accurate and culturally sensitve translation for:
- marketing collateral 
- legal documents
- software localisation 
- patient education 
they said
Learn the first hand experience from the business leaders whom worked with us
MEDICAL DEVICE distributor
Get the Right Message Across
We distribute medical and surgical equipment in China and we use Wiseword to translate all our brochures and white papers as they are technical and we need to get the right message across to the doctors and surgeons in China.

meet aimee
Most-Trusted Communications Advisor for Business Leaders Focusing on Cross-Border Trade

There is no one-size-fits-all solution

Different objectives and target audience will call for different communication strategy. "How you say it” matters.

This is a well-known principle for marketers, public relations specialists, and journalists. Yet still, many companies are unaware of its importance when they are considering outsourcing their assignments to a language team.

Hi, my name is Aimee Ng, an approved language service provider by the Government Hong Kong, and founder and director of Wisword.  I help business leaders grow their businesses through the power of words, particularly in these areas:
✔️ marketing/corporate communications
✔️ business negotiation
✔️ international market expansion

A natural born problem-solver and someone who loves helping others, the insights and assistance I gave to my clients always surpassed what the project brief requested. 

If you want to improve your visibility through contents publishing, enter a new overseas market and dominate it, conduct due diligence on a company that you are going to acquire but their operation team do not speak your language, then I can definitely help you.
I am an expert in communication in a multi-lingual environment and my accomplishments include:
- Helped a 129-year old institute from the United Kingdom to break into the mainland market. They became the first one who entered the China market and dominated their niche quickly
- Supported a Korean-run education institute acheived 97% closing rate during a online stage pitching in mainland China
- Helped the chairman of a Hong Kong-listed company convey his three-year plan to his team in mainland China so that the whole company steered towards the same business goal
- Transformed a confusing business owner to an award-winning business leader via clear brand messaging
- Helped a budding artist increase her media exposure by 300% through carefully crafted brand message
- Boosted customer engagment by 180X for a Hong Kong-listed company with content publishing

M.A. in Translation & Interpretation
B.A. in Translation Studies
1,000 hours training on lead generation and marketing automation strategies by top-notch marketers like Jeff Walker, Ryan Leveque and Julie Stoian.
Work History
- Served 11 business units at a German-based chemical conglomerate
- Worked as Official Language Officer for the Government Hong Kong
- Worked as bilingual editor for two magazines (domains: tele-communications and parenting)
- Worked at Mass Transit Railway for their land acquisition initiatives
- Spent 20+ years ghost writing for medical doctors and investment consultants
Awards, Titles, and Designations
- APEX Publication Excellence Award
- Board Member, Departmental Advisory Board, City University of Hong Kong
- Approved language service provider at the GovHK
Other Info
- Started working in messaging, content creation, cross-cultural communications business in 1996
- Have customers in over 20+ countries around the globe 
- Passionate about mentoring and have been sharing the impact of mentoring to 1,000+ entrepreneurs
- Loss my dad at the age of 19 (because of cancer) and financed my tertiary education via part-time jobs.  
- Established my first business in my late twenties

When you want to make more business, I’m the one who can help you with communication in a multi-lingual environment.
I have everything it takes to help you enter boost visibility, enter a new overseas market, get clarity in business negotiation when everyone speak the language that you don't understand, and assist you from confusion to transformation!

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Client case studies
Each client is unique and looks for different solutions.  Be inspired their journey in running their cross-border businesses.
Building Relationships and Building Business
Gerard was President of a leading flat-world enterprise specialising in export trading, retailing and distribution, and a global leader in supply chain management.

The assignment: He was looking for a trustworthy and professional simultaneous interpretation service for their seminar. They had invited a renowned professor from a famous university in mainland China to advise their senior managers about the latest... 
Deciphering Medical Jargon
Betty was a product manager working at an Asia Pacific’s leading distributor of healthcare products, serving 15 countries and regions in Asia.
The assignment: We were commissioned to write Chinese-language advertorials about our client’s product, a nutritional supplement.
The challenges: The language of medical journals and healthcare professionals can sometimes be full of jargon and very difficult for non-specialists to ... 
Courting Success
Terry was a representative from one of Hong Kong’s major law firms. The firm serves multinational corporations, SMEs and individuals, covering commercial litigation, personal injury cases and intellectual property.
The assignment: We were commissioned to transcribe and translate (from Chinese to English) a cassette tape regarding a personal injury case. The end client was an underprivileged woman who had been injured while at work, and she wanted to fight for compensation from her employer...

A Video Is Worth A Thousand Words
Our client was a fast-growing Chinese Christian church in Hong Kong. The Reverend of the church was keen to use multi-media technology as a tool in his preaching and teaching.
The assignment: Chinese subtitling of an English-language video about the history of Israel.
The challenges: The client did not provide us with the English-language script of the video, and many of the experts interviewed on the video were not native speakers of English, and spoke English with a strong accent...
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